2019 Hearts in San Francisco San Francisco General Hospital
Each year, uniform heart sculptures are painted by different artists and installed at locations throughout San Francisco, including Union Square. The heart sculptures are auctioned off at the end of each year's installation with the proceeds going to the foundation. Many of the previous years' sculptures are exhibited in various locations, including San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco General Hospital, AT&T Park (inside the Public House pub), Pier 39, the Lyon Street Steps, the Cartoon Art Museum, and several Wells Fargo branches. [from wikipedia]
Here Comes The Sun 2019 Welcome Home 2019
Here Comes The Sun 2019, Artist: Adele Gilani, Hearts of San Francisco, Bank of America Sponsor

Adele has always painted in the abstract, from her early smaller works of child-like little creatures expressing adult themes, to her current day larger than life pieces of kaleidoscopes of color from real and imaginary places. Every piece comes from an abstract idea that takes on its own life and can have a different meaning from the perspective of each onlooker. [from the artist's website]

Welcome Home 2019, Artist: Lori Chinn, Hearts of San Francisco, Twitter Sponsor

Lori Chinn is a 22 year old artist who "loves the feeling of creating something out of nothing by simply moving her hand across a paper, watching colors and shapes being formed". During Lori's 4 years at CA College of the Arts (graphic design major), Lori learned the joy of designing art via a computer. Lori is currently working at HTC Vive (San Francisco) as a graphic designer. [from the artist's website]

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