Allison Torneos Known as Hueman Exhibits of Art
Allison Torneros, known as Hueman, is an Oakland-based graffiti artist and painter. Hueman's signature style includes bright colors and elements of abstract portraiture. Her work has been described as a product of "free association." "Drawing first abstractly and without a definite idea, she will return to the work several times and refine images she sees in the primary, elemental composition. [from wikipedia]
Wander And Wayfare 2018
Wander And Wayfare 2018, Allison Torneos, Known as Hueman, 466 Brannan Street, San Francisco, California

A mural painted on the face of the Rocha Art And Murals company. Specializing in large scale murals and contemporary art, Rocha Art is a San Francisco based mural services and art curation company founded and directed by Daniele Rocha.[from rocha art website]

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