Tuesday 23 April 2024
2023 Chinatown Art, A San Francisco Neighborhood, San Francisco, California, As Part Of A US City

A horse reared up behind a turtle. Perhaps the horse wanted the turtle to walk faster. Four statues were set on the sidewalk in front of an art store on Grant Street in San Francisco. A dog and a girl sat on a bench. A bear stood on a rock. A boy and girl held hands. And a lion stood on a pedestal.
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Monday 22 April 2024
"Humpback Whale"Sculpture, Artist: Reuben Rude, Made from Reclaimed Wood, John F. Kennedy Promenade, Golden Gate Park, San francisco, California

The artist's signature was carved into the wood of the body that held up the tail. A closer view of the Humpback whale sculpture's tail showed how it had been created from used wood. A closer view of the hump of the Humpback whale sculpture revealed a small hole in the wood. Traffic cones set in the center of John F. Kennedy Promenade prevented bicycle riders from crashing into the sculpture. The humped back of the Humpback whale just partly rose from the surface of the street. Paint on the street suggested what the Humpback whale would look like just below the water.
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Sunday 21 April 2024
"San Pedro Square" Mural 2019, Artist: Lila Gemellos, San Pedro Square, 87 North San Pedro Street, San Jose, California

A closer view of a plaza with many folks wandering on a sunny day. A fish sculpture was at the left end of the plaza. The "San Pedro Square" mural occupied the back of a large building in downtown San Jose. A closer view of the upper right corner of the San Pedro Square mural revealed a sign atop the "San Pedro Square Market." A closer view of the left side of the San Pedro Square mural revealed many of the buildings in downtown San Jose. Near the bottom was the California Theater. The title of the mural was painted on a painted arch. It read, "San Pedro Square." The artist's signature was painted just to the right of a pink scooter rider. That signature read: Lila Gemellos 9-27/2019
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Saturday 20 April 2024
BVHM Mural, Artist: Buena Vista Horace Mann Students, Buena Vista Horace Mann School, 3351 23rd Street, San Francisco, California

A closer view of the far left end of the mural was also abstract. A closer view of the section of the wall just to the left of the "B.V.H.M," title. The title of the mural was, "B.V.H.M," which stood for Buena Vista Horace Mann, The mural as a whole appeared to be a series of organic abstract designs. The mural extended down the whole length of the school's wall. A closer view of the next section of the mural revealed either a cat or an owl trying to hide behind an abstract leaf. The "B.V.H.M," title was part of an abstract section section of wall. A little further down the wall was the face of an abstract creature.
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Friday 19 April 2024
2023 Graffiti On Walls, As A Mode Of U.S. Deconstruction, San Francisco, California

The word "J4F" was painted on the same wall further down the alley. Bright red paint appeared to have erased previous graffiti, and had later been graffitied again. A light brown word and arrow were outlined in white on an alley just off Stockton Street.
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Thursday 18 April 2024
"Me Ow" Restaurant Seat Extensions Mural, Artist: Hiericbro, Near Ivy Street, San Francisco, California

An outdoor eating area occupied parking spaces. On the end of the seating area was a raccoon who held a drink with a straw in the cup. The raccoon said, "Sip Hayes Valley." The artist's signature was boldly painted over the tiger's tail. That signature read, Hiericbro EB The street face of the seating extension was decorated with a sleeping tiger. A cup near the tiger's nose read, "Me Ow."
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Wednesday 17 April 2024
"Ship's Wheel" Windows Mural, 1AM Studio Muralists, Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, California

A ship's wheel mural was painted on the glass of a window on the middle level of the Embarcadero Center. A suggestion of a crab was painted in the center of the ship's wheel.
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Tuesday 16 April 2024
2024 Amber Glow Tulip, A Flowering Plant, Front Garden, Eugene, Oregon

Two amber glow tulips bloomed next to the neighbor's side of the front yard, and just inside from the sidewalk. Two others were just beginning to come up. And one bud was just aglow. Two other amber glow tulips grew in the front yard near the driveway and just behind the sidewalk. One was in full bloom, and the other hadn't yet shown a bud.
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Monday 15 April 2024
2024 Abelia Grandiflora ("Funshine"), A Flowering Plant, Back Garden, Eugene, Oregon

An overview of our Abelia Grandiflora ("Funshine") plant illustrated its four blooms. A closer view of one of the four clusters showing how a few of the flowers had fallen off. A closer view of the fourth cluster that only retained 7 blooms. The label for this Abelia Grandiflora ("Funshine") plant had originally been placed vertically, but had since fallen on its side. In July, our Abelia Grandiflora ("Funshine") plant was in full bloom in the "Beast" raised garden bed in our back yard. Two of the clusters of flowers on our Abelia Grandiflora ("Funshine") plant had completed fallen, while another had a single bloom, and a fourth had only retained 7 blooms.
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Sunday 14 April 2024
Community Thrift Store, Murals On Side Of Store, Assorted Artists, 625 Valencia Street, San Francisco, California

A skull mural was painted on the side wall of the Community Thrift Store, at 625 Valencia Street. The next mural depicted a frog wearing a space helmet. This mural was painted by the artist named Griffin One. The mural to the right of the skull depicted a frog surrounded by mushrooms. The base of the wall mural was also covered in graffiti. This column between murals depicted two palm trees growing among fried egg circles. The next mural was painted over a door. It depicted three items attached to ropes with clothes pins. One item was a cassette tape, the other was a watering pitcher, and the last was a pez dispenser.
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Saturday 13 April 2024
Stickers, As Art or Deconstruction, Found In, Florence,Oregon

A utility box had a few stickers stuck to it. There was a face, as well as graffiti lettering on stickers. The utility box stood between hedges that separated a park from the sidewalk.
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Friday 12 April 2024
"Honey Bear"Mural, Artist: Fnnch, A Street Mural, As A Form Of Art, San Jose, California

California poppies were painted on the front of the same house. The poppies were painted between the windows of two levels. A honey bear was painted on the wall of the steps leading up to a house. To the bear's right was a California Poppy. A San Francisco Giant's baseball hat was on the bear's head.
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Thursday 11 April 2024
On Plywood, Over Window Murals, Artist: @Coping Artist and Friends, San Jose, California

The last piece of plywood art over glass contained three blocks and a flag with two stars. From a distance these plywood sheets appeared freshly painted. But up close, one could see lots of scratches and gouges to the surface. The next sheet of plywood covering a window said, "Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks," in assorted colors. Two long lashed eyes and a hand appeared to gesture at the words. The next sheet of plywood covering a window said, "Support Local." The art depicted two frames, the leftmost contained a hand, whereas the rightmost depicted a perspective box.
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Wednesday 10 April 2024
Inside Source, Window Murals, Embarcadero Center 4, San Francisco, California

The first mural, on the leftmost window, displayed a sofa with a lamp hung over it. A row of windows, on the upper level of Embarcadero Center 4, was decorated with art. The fifth window displayed a work of art on a cupcake-style table. Three cushions allowed folks to sit and admire the art. Behind it all was a painting of a multi-paned window. The third window displayed a cable car on a table alongside one half full and another 3/4 full cup. A mobile high over the table, and a potted plant was next to the table. The forth window displayed a window in a door with a table inside. Other items on the outside were a cushion and a round work of art.
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Tuesday 9 April 2024
Pond, Legion Of Honor, A Golf Course And Museum, Parks, San Francisco, California

A fountain in the center of the pond sprayed water upward. A morning breeze caused the water to spray away from the camera. The water inside the pond contained ripples from a breeze that morning. The pond was built from concrete, yet the bottom looked green from moss growing inside it.
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Monday 8 April 2024
"Gem Circle" Street Mural, Artist: Unknown, San Francisco, California

The gem was painted on the wall next to a parked delivery van. The shape of the gem was a rough circle. The artist's signature was obscured by many layers of spray painted dots. All we could be certain of was the beginning @ symbol. A closer view of the edge of the gem circle revealed a precisely drawn shape. A closer view of the whole mural was barely possible because of the parked delivery van. The whole mural as viewed from the other end of the parked delivery van. A closer view of the center of the gem revealed that it was located at the top edge of a closed door.
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Sunday 7 April 2024
"Couple On Bench" Chalk Art On Street 2023, Artist: Joe Mandrick (from San Jose, California), Mountain View Art Festival, Mountain View, California

The artist drew the sky with a gull flying, outlined distant hills, and hadn't yet begun to chalk in the couple seated on a bench.
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Saturday 6 April 2024
"Leaf House" Chalk Art On Street 2023, Artist: Ann Hefferman (from Santa Barbara, California), Mountain View Art Festival, Mountain View, California

A button was drawn on what appeared to be the leaf roof of a home. However more sketching on the street did not look like a home.
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Friday 5 April 2024
"A Face" Chalk Art On Street 2023, Artist: Joel Yau (from San Rafael, California), Mountain View Art Festival, Mountain View, California

The artist Joel Yau had only completed the left eye of a face that was made of chalk on the street of the Mountain View Art Festival.
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Thursday 4 April 2024
"Spray Paint Artist" Mural 2023, Artist: Lords Crew, A Street Mural, As A Form Of Art, North Third Street and East Santa Clara Street, San Jose, California

A closer view of the woman spray painter's face. She appeared to be looking out of the mural. The signatures of the artists were listed in the lower right of the mural. They read, Lords Crew 2023 Mesngr Wisper Manos Orible Swype A graffiti-style word was to the right of the woman. Two cans of spray paint upon which was the word, "Lords." Another graffiti-style word was in the top right corner of the mural. This mural depicted a woman artist holding two cans of spraypaint. One either side of the woman were four graffiti-style words, one of which was clearly, "Lords."
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Wednesday 3 April 2024
"Humanity Is The Key" Mural 2018, Artist: Chris Gazaleh, A Street Mural, As A Form Of Art, Just Past The Start Of Elgin Street, San Francisco, California

Further back on the building (a part of which was only visible from the freeway) depicted a boy pointing up and seated in a bucket under an orange sun. A closer view of the woman's face. A closer view of the woman holding a key in one hand and an orange in the other hand. A closer view of the woman's dress depicted a complex design. The artist's signature was partly hidden by a fence blocking access to the back of the building. A closer view of the mural which depicted a woman with a key on one hand and an orange in the other hand. A closer view of the key held in the woman's right hand.
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