Andy Goldsworthy American Artist
Andy Goldsworthy OBE (born 26 July 1956) is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculptures and land art situated in natural and urban settings. He lives and works in Scotland. [from wikipedia]
Spire 2009 Tree Fall 2013 Wood Line 2011
Spire 2009, Artist: Andy Goldsworthy, British Artist, by Arguello Avenue, Presidio Grounds, San Francisco, California

Working closely with the Presidio Trust forestry crew, in 2008 Goldsworthy selected 37 Monterey cypress trunks from trees felled at the site and meticulously fastened them together. Planted around its 15 foot-wide base are young cypress trees that will ultimately grow to obscure the sculpture -- a bit like the old forest welcoming the new.[from presidio website]

Tree Fall 2013, Artist: Andy Goldsworthy, British Artist, 95 Anza Avenue, Presidio Grounds, San Francisco, California

Goldsworthy is known for creating art using materials right from the site. To make Tree Fall, he utilized a eucalyptus tree trunk removed as part of the New Presidio Parkland's Project and clay, also from the Presidio. The clay was mixed with human hair donated from a salon in the Haight and, with the help of 40 volunteers, applied to the trunk and ceiling to ensure color consistency as the clay dried and cracked into a beautiful, organic pattern.[from presidio website]

Wood Line 2011, Artist: Andy Goldsworthy, British Artist, By Lovers Lane, Presidio Grounds, San Francisco, California

Visitors walking down Lovers' Lane probably don't realize that they are just steps away from an iconic work by one of the world's most renowned artists, Andy Goldsworthy. But peek into the nearby eucalyptus grove and you might see a gaggle of children balancing on a curvy line of branches tucked into the forest floor. This is Wood Line, the second work by the artist in his ongoing exploration of the Presidio, especially its man-made forest.[from presidio website]

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