Colette Crutcher An American Artist
My career began with painting and printmaking, but my work now covers a broad spectrum, from very large to very small, from public to intensely personal, from abstract to figurative, and across a range of media: painting and drawing, collage, assemblage, paper mache, concrete, ceramic and mosaics. [from the artist's website]
Tonantsin Renace Mural 1998
Tonantsin Renace Mural 1998, Artist: Colette Crutcher, An American Artist, 16th Street and Sanchez Street, San Francisco, California

This mural is a renovation of La Madre Tonantsin, a similar mural I painted there in 1991. The original fence was rotting, and along with it the mural. A grassroots fundraising campaign, helped by a grant from Precita Eyes, enabled me to create this new version. Rather than sticking to paint alone, I incorporated a variety of semi-sculptural media.[from the artist's website]

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