Dana Albany A San Francisco Artist
In 1994, Dana Albany began making sculptures out of salvaged materials found on the streets of San Francisco. Her art work emerges from a mixed palate of recycled and discarded materials that are either symbolically representative as a whole concept or evoke new meaning by transforming materials out of their original context. Without any formal training, she has been very successful in her career and has exhibited for the San Francisco Arts Commission, SOMAR Gallery, produced several large-scale sculptures for Burning Man, and has been hired to assist and collaborate on numerous permanent public art installations in San Francisco, Sacramento, and Seattle. [from recology's website]
Tera Mechani 2018
Tera Mechani 2018, Artist: Dana Albany, From Burning Man, Plaza de César Chavez Park, San Jose, California

Tara Mechani by Dana Albany is a figurative sculpture that entwines aspects of the ancient female Buddha, Tara, with characteristics of a futuristic female robot. Playing with the contemporary fascination with technology, the artwork infuses the mechanical with the compassion and empathy of the ancient deity.[from The Registry website]

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