Elliott C Nathan An American Artist
Finding Balance describes the mentality I had creating this body of work. Rather than beginning with a specific plan or intention I often begin painting, collaging, and layering -- following the flow of the brush and seeing what comes out. I'm drawn to bright colors and contrast which is a strong driver in the creation of this series. Working with clients to create custom artwork or murals is exciting, I love being challenged and making things to enhance a space or exude a specific vibe. Creating art is a pleasure and finding balance helps close each piece to move on to the next. [from artist's website]
"We Are All Part Of The Same Thing" Mural 2023 Tank 18 Mural 2017
Tank 18 Mural 2017, Artist: Elliott C Nathan, Outside Tank 18 Restaurant, 1345 Howard Street, San Francisco, California

Dinner at Tank18, served Wednesday through Saturday features the food you want to eat with a glass of wine in hand. Here, you'll dig into a variety of dishes from our kitchen helmed by Chef Brandon Cavazos, proven to taste best when surrounded by friends.[from Tank 18 website]

"We Are All Part Of The Same Thing" Mural 2023, Artist: Elliot C. Nathan, Art On Fence, San Francisco, California

So many of us long to be part of something real. But we'll need to risk discomfort and criticism and show the world our real selves.[from a ted talk]

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