Fujiko Nakaya A Japanese Artist
Fujiko went to high school in Tokyo, graduating from Japan Women's University High School. After high school, she came to the United States to pursue a degree at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, USA. She graduated from Northwestern with a Bachelor of Arts in 1957 and went on to study painting in Paris and Madrid up until 1959. [from wikipeida]
Fog Bridge 2013
Fog Bridge 2013, Artist: Fujiko Nakaya, A Japanese Artist, Exploratorium, Pier 15, San Francisco, California

In an interview on April 27, 2014 with Irene Shum Allen, Nakaya explains that she doesn't directly create images with her fog sculptures, instead the fog is a kind of transducer that reacts to the local meteorological conditions. She comments that the landscape can appear to be largely static until fog is introduced. With the introduction of fog, nature's stories and information are made more accessible to the observer.[from wikipedia]

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