Gerald Walburg American Artist
Widely identified as a sculptor who fabricates work in steel, Walburg works in two-dimensions and other three-dimensional media as well, including pieces fabricated in brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, and clay. Commonly categorized as a non-objective artist, there is an inherent figurative underpinning of Walburg's works: formal relationships that reference human forms as well as a conceptual humanism and political liberalism that require some effort on the part of the viewer to uncover. [from parazoo website]
The Indo Arch 1978
The Indo Arch 1978, A Steel Sculpture, Artist: Gerald Walburg, 2nd And K Streets, Sacramento, California

Although it seems somewhat quaint now, the inherent figuration of these shapes erupted into a major controversy for Walburg. In 1977 the City of Sacramento, led by then-mayor Phillip Isenberg, allocated, per a 1974 city ordinance, three percent of the redevelopment costs earmarked for building a public parking garage to fund works of art. [from parazoo website]

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