Guy Giehl American Artist
At the age of eleven Diehl Giehl moved with his family from Pittsburgh to Pleasant Hill, California In 1968 he started taking courses in the art department at Diablo Valley College and then studied under Mel Ramos, one of the originators of figurative Pop Art at Cal State University, Hayward, earning a BA in 1973. Diehl says that Ramos taught him "discipline and professionalism" and, crucially, to incorporate the camera as a tool in his painting practice. Ramos also encouraged Diehl to attend San Francisco State University for graduate work. [from wikipedia]
"Still Life with Billie Holiday" Mural 2012
"Still Life with Billie Holiday" Mural 2012, Artist: Guy Diehl, And the: Davis Mural Team, Davis Ace Hardware, 815 Third Street, Davis, California

Guy Diehl's 2007 tapestry Still Life with Billie Holiday is an understated work: it does not wear its heart on its sleeve. One might easily appreciate the unpretentious, cloudlike beauty of its single magnolia bud or the technical accomplishment of the whole and leave it at that.[from magnoliaeditions]

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