Hyuro Spanish Artist From Valencia, Spain
Her work is intimate and very personal. Her universe, disturbing and seductive. Her language is honest and forthcoming. Her head are her hands and her paintings a gift for the streets of the city. [from the artist's website]
Secuencia inversa de un acto de desctrucción 2017
Secuencia inversa de un acto de desctrucción 2017, Artist: Hyuro, A Wall Mural, In Eugene, Oregon

The Argentina-born, Spain-residing Hyuro stayed close to what she's known with her mural on the 140-foot long north wall of the Kiva Grocery on West 11th Avenue in Eugene. Her works often feature repetitive and faceless figures, imparting playfulness while addressing issues of politics, nature and feminine identity into her art. Titled "Secuencia inversa de un acto de desctrucción," which translated means "reverse sequence of an act of destruction," Hyuro painted four panels showing a woman's hands surrounding a plant and helping it recover from damage.[from the 20x21 website]

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