Jean Cherie An American Artist
JeanCherie spent thirty years sculpting for movies, television, animatronics, enlarging and duplicating fine art sculpture. [from mare island art studios]
"Mother And Child" Concrete Sculpture 2015 Jean Cherie Studio
"Mother And Child" Concrete Sculpture 2015, Mare Island Way, Artist: Jean Cherie, Vallejo, California

When she was 14, Karen became pregnant and her mother decided for her to give her daughter up for adoption. The decision to give up her child has always haunted her. Ever since, Karen has had difficulty forming connections with people.[from wikipedia]

Jean Cherie Studio, Vallejo, California

The studio of any artist, especially from the 15th to the 19th centuries, characterized all the assistants, thus the designation of paintings as "from the workshop of..." or "studio of..." An art studio is sometimes called an atelier, especially in earlier eras.[from wikipedia]

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