Jessilyn Brinkerhoff and Lucas Brinkerhoff Eugene, Oregon Artists
Jess Brinkerhoff Murals and Design Co. is a family run mural and illustration studio based in Oregon between mural professional Jess Brinkerhoff and her brother, fabricator and public artist Lucas Brinkerhoff. We operate as Brink Creative LLC. and are both alumni of University of Oregon. [from artist's website]
Dancer Mural 2021 Flowers Mural 2021
Flowers Mural 2021, Artists: Jessilyn Brinkerhoff, Fuse Jewelry Collective, 112 E 13th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon

Located on the corner of 13th and Oak in downtown Eugene, OR the FUSE Jewelry Collective Showroom is a thoughtfully curated jewelry and gift shop, a warm reception area for students and industry related events, as well as a custom jewelry consultation space.[from fuse jewelry website]

Dancer Mural 2021, Artists: Jessilyn Brinkerhoff and Lucas Brinkerhoff, Midtown Art Center, 174 East 16th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon

Growing up in rural Oregon, the forest was right outside my doorstep and continues to shape the way I honor the landscape through art. My career in mural painting tells stories of natural history, wild species, forgotten peoples, and the relationship between humans and the environment.[from artist's website]

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