Jim Evangelista A Eugene, Oregon Muralist
Back in the 1980s, University of Florida student Jim Evangelista and his roommates had a sign that read "Welcome to Reality Kitchen." Later, when he started painting murals, Evangelista adopted the name for his Gainesville storefront studio, and Reality Kitchen evolved into a 24/7 coffee house and community center.
Ladybugs Mural McKenzie Outfitters Tibet Mural 2011 Tuscany Mural 1992
Ladybugs Mural, Artist: Jim Evangelista, Jackson and W. 2nd Avenue, Eugene, Oregon

Painted by Jim Evangelista, it is titled "Ladybugs." It was painted on the back of a former commercial building.The building is now up for lease. There was no indication that the mural would be repaired by the new leasee.

McKenzie Outfitters, By Jim Evangelista 1992, A Street Mural As Found Art

Located behind parked cars, this mural depicted a person climbing a cliff face.

Tibet Mural 2011, Artist: Jim Evangelista, Behind La Noria Mexican Food, Eugene, Oregon

The Tibet Mural was painted at the back of a parking lot for the La Noria Mexican Food company.

Tuscany Mural 1992, Artist: Jim Evangelista, 12th & High Streets, Eugene, Oregon

Painted by Jim Evangelista, it is titled "Tuscany" and he painted it in 1992. It is a depiction of a street in San Giminiano, in the Tuscany region of Italy. The artist added, "Interestingly, it is now 25 years, coming up this August, when I painted the mural. It still isn't `finished' because there are some touches I would like to make in it."

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