Jim Mattingly A Western Oregon University Professor Salem Oregon
In 1983, WOU art professor Jim Mattingly submitted a proposal to paint a mural in downtown Salem. The mural was to grace the rear wall of the Historic Elsinore Theatre, then a movie theater, but with a long history of vaudeville. [from the WOU website]
Theatrical Heartscape 1984
Theatrical Heartscape 1984, Artist: Jim Mattingly, Mural on Back of Elsinore Theatre, Salem, Oregon

Mattingly's proposed work, Theatrical Heartscape, was chosen and in the summer of 1984 he went to work. His idea was to "Enrich and beautify the wall facing a major access route into Salem." Professor Mattingly chose "... universal figures from vaudeville, early theater and film." We can still recognize W.C. Fields, Theda Bara, Marlene Dietrich, and Charlie Chaplin. The mural, of course, has become a beloved landmark for most of Salem ...seen daily as we go about our business... but was slowly fading away.

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