Juan Olaguíbel A Mexican Artist
Juan Fernando Olaguíbel Rosenzweig ( Guanajuato , Mexico , 1896 - 1976 ) was a Mexican sculptor , author of an extensive work that is observed in different parts of Mexico City (the Diana Cazadora , the Fuente de Petróleos ) and other Mexican cities ( Monument to the Pípila ). [from wikipedia]
Miguel Hidalgo 1962
Miguel Hidalgo 1962, Artist Juan Fernando Olaguíbel, Liberator de Mexico 1810

Miguel Hidalgo, was a Mexican Roman Catholic priest and a leader of the Mexican War of Independence. He marched across Mexico and gathered an army of nearly 90,000 poor farmers and Mexican civilians who attacked and killed both Spanish Peninsulares and Criollo elites, even though Hidalgo's troops lacked training and were poorly armed. These troops ran into an army of 6,000 well-trained and armed Spanish troops; most of Hidalgo's troops fled or were killed at the Battle of Calderón Bridge.[from wikipedia]

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