Juana Alicia An American Artist Juana Alicia, (born 1953) is a muralist, printmaker, educator, activist and, painter. She has been an educator for forty years. Juana Alicia, as part of the faculty Berkeley City College, founded and directed the True Colors Public Art program. Her sculptures and murals are principally located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nicaragua, Mexico, Pennsylvania, and in many parts of California. [from wikipedia]
Maestra Peace Mural 1994 The New World Tree Mural 1987
Maestra Peace Mural 1994, Artist: Juana Alicia, The Women's Building, 3543 18th Street, San Francisco, California

One of San Francisco's largest and best known murals, MaestraPeace and serves as a visual testament to the courageous contributions of women through time and around the world. Every day, the mural attracts the awe and cameras of tourists from around the world. It is seen by them and the San Francisco Bay Area community as a work of artistic achievement and a symbol of the contributions of women throughout history and the world.[from Women's Building website]

The New World Tree Mural 1987, Artist: Juana Alicia, Collaborators: Susan Cervantes, Raul Martinez, Mission Pool And Playground, 101 Linda Street, San Francisco, California

New World Tree of Life is a 69' x 25' acrylic Politec and Nova Color mural found at the Mission Pool, 19th and Linda Streets, San Francisco, California. This piece was designed in the form of a traditional Mexican ceramic tree of life, full of birds and animals, Adam and Eve and their children.[from art and architecture website]

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