Kelly Detweiler An American Artist
Born in Twin Falls Idaho, his family immediately moved to Monte Vista, Colorado where he lived until age 12. Many of the idyllic memories of this childhood inform his imagination and enter into his work. Moving from a very small farming and ranching community, he was plunged into the crazed consumer culture of Southern California. He lived in La Mesa, California and watched as the entire face of America changed with Vietnam, rampant divorce, and then the summer of love. He attended Grossmont College and immersed himself in art. Seeking to escape the drug crazed beach culture, he set out for northern California. [from the artist's website]]
"Flowers for Miss L"
"Flowers for Miss L", Artist: Kelly Detweiler, With: The Davis Mural Team, F Street, Davis, California

Kelly describes his experience with the Mural Team - The mural making experience for me was a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed working with a group of artists who were all so different in their skills and approach, yet willing to help each other complete a task. My own image evolved a little in the process, but is basically the same as the painting it was based on. "Flowers for Miss L" is essentially a narrative about my life at the time of the painting.[from davis art walk website]

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