Kim Anno An American Artist
Kim Anno is a painter, photographer, and film/video artist whose work has been collected and exhibited by museums nationally and internationally. Born in Los Angeles, Anno has had exhibitions and screenings at the University of Suffolk, England, 14th Annual New Media Festival, Seoul, Korea, Kala Art Institute,Berkeley, Goethe Institute in Johannesburg, the Durban Municipal Gallery, South Africa in the "Don't Panic Exhibition", Flux Projects, Atlanta, Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta, 6 channel video installation, Windows Project, Atlanta, Sky Dive Gallery, Houston, San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Patricia Sweetow Gallery in San Francisco, Seeline Gallery in Los Angeles, Patricia Correia Gallery, Santa Monica, Sue Scott Gallery, NY, Site Santa Fe Biennale [from artrist's website]
Middle Eastern Mural
Middle Eastern Mural, Artist: Kim Anno and Miranda Bergman, With Assistance From: M Reza Barazandeh, Maria D. Graciano, Fernando Valdez, Mergedeh Kheradmand, Judy Houck, Wendeline Duster, and Lily Bernstein, San Francisco, California

Most Middle Eastern countries (13 out of 18) are part of the Arab world. The most populous countries in the region are Egypt, Turkey, and Iran, while Saudi Arabia is the largest Middle Eastern country by area.[from wikipedia]

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