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Lady Aiko (also AIKO, born Aiko Nakagawa in 1975) is a Japanese street artist based in Brooklyn, New York. In the contemporary art world AIKO is among the most important female street artists from this millennium. In a largely male-dominated form of art, AIKO is becoming an influential figure in contemporary street art. "It's hard being a girl and a graffiti artist," she sighs, but continues to make bold artworks that rival Banksy. [from wikipedia]
Maiko Mural 2018
Maiko Mural 2018, Artist: Lady Aiko, Japanese Artist, 20x21 Mural Project, Eugene, Oregon

AIKO, born in Tokyo but a New York resident since the 1990s, graced the corner of Willamette Street and Seventh Avenue with the colorful reverse image of a Maiko -- an apprentice geisha who is in training to be a dancer. She chose the motif because it has energy and felt festive. Created from 15 hand-cut stencils, the reverse images are a way to express day and night. Look for her trademark butterfly in the mural, an image that graces her many murals around the globe.[from 20x21 Mural Project website]

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