Mark Brody An American Artist Portland, Oregon
Mosaic assembles these artistic elements with the enduring materials of construction to create works that last for decades. I was hooked after that first mosaic, and each new mosaic I begin is met with the same enthusiastic grin. [from mark brody's website]
"Glam-y Salmon" Glass Mosaic "Heart In The Garden" Glass Mosaic
"Glam-y Salmon" Glass Mosaic, Artist: Mark Brody, An American Artist, Florence, Oregon

This colorful salmon pays tribute to the bounty of sea life in the beautiful coastal town of Florence.[from mark brody's website]

"Heart In The Garden" Glass Mosaic, Artist: Mark Brody, An American Artist, Old Town Park, Florence, Oregon

Mosaic is the combination of shape, color, pattern and form. Although mosaic is a metaphorfor so many things, to me it is the perfect synthesis of my art training and my passion to build.[from mark brody's website]

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