Matt Hawk An American Artist The Willamette Valley
Freelance artist/art teacher who enjoys comics and music. My wife and I love watching old movies and hanging out with our three children! [from instagram]
Green Eyed Sue
Green Eyed Sue, Artist: Matt Hawk, An American Artist, A Willamette Valley Artist, Florence, Oregon

Willamette Valley artist, Matt Hawk was inspired by the Wendy Trilogy songs by musician, S.J.Tucker. The trio of lyrics is focused on girls being strong and becoming pirates. They become leaders of the Faerie Fleets of Titania and Oberon. As parents of two girls, Matt and his wife believe it is important to give their daughters great, strong female role models. And Green-Eyed Sue in the songs is just that! Ergo, Hawk found it quite fitting to model his Sea Lion after her![from]

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