Mona Caron An American Artist
Currently, Mona continues to focus primarily on creating murals in public space, and enjoys working in collaboration with kindred-spirited artists and activists. Some of her graphic work, including an archive of past illustration work, can be found in the Studio wing of this website. Mona does her own photography and creates videos and animations to expand the messaging of her work. [from the artist's website]
Grass Mural Market Street Railway Mural 2003-2004
Grass Mural, Artist: Mona Caron, Sansome Street and Union Street, San Francisco, California

Grasses have stems that are hollow except at the nodes and narrow alternate leaves borne in two ranks. The lower part of each leaf encloses the stem, forming a leaf-sheath. With around 780 genera and around 12,000 species, Poaceae are the fifth-largest plant family, following the Asteraceae, Orchidaceae, Fabaceae and Rubiaceae.[from wikipedia]

Market Street Railway Mural 2003-2004, Artist: Mona Caron, 15th Street and Church Street, San Francisco, California

The Market Street Railway Company was a commercial streetcar and bus operator in San Francisco. The company was named after the famous Market Street of that city, which formed the core of its transportation network. Over the years, the company was also known as the Market Street Railroad Company, the Market Street Cable Railway Company and the United Railroads of San Francisco.[from wikipedia]

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