Myron Stephens Realism Artist
The works of artist Myron Stephens are best understood as stories that open up conversations between the artist and his audience. With a varied mixture of ingredients - including nostalgic images, snippets of text and trompe l'oeil realism - Stephens cooks up open-ended narratives that invite speculation. Each painting is a doorway to the artist's individual experiences and perceptions, offered up as expressions of aesthetic connection and friendship. [from the artist's website]
"Hidden Treasures" Mural 2012
"Hidden Treasures" Mural 2012, Artist: Myron Stephens, and the Davis Mural Team, Ket Mo Ree Thai Restaurant & Bar, 238 G Street, Davis, California

Myron Stephens' work engages the viewer with the trompe l'oeil puzzle of, "is it real or paint?" while communicating lighthearted messages that can uplift the spirit, if just for a moment. Stephens' execution of trompe l'oeil "trick-the-eye" techniques involve extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects are three-dimensional, instead of actually being a two-dimensional painting.[from davis artwalk website]

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