Nathan Richard Phelps American Artist
In the summer of 2015 I set up a small studio space in a conference room at Kenshoo's North American headquarters in downtown San Francisco. Together with Patience Yi of Code and Canvas we came up with an idea. Instead of trying to get the tech community to come out to our art events and engage in our territory, let's bring the art experience to them. Over the course of 3 months I made 2 large murals and created an art studio where I could collaborate with employees in order that they could see first hand what it is to make art. Together we made over 30 entirely unique pieces with a watercolor technique I facilitated. At the end of the residency I framed all the work and created an exhibition which was open to the public and helped to advance the dialogue between art and tech in San Francisco. [from the artist's website]
Nathan Richard Phelps Salesforce Mural 2018 Swirl Mural 2016
Nathan Richard Phelps Salesforce Mural 2018, Artpsan Art, On Salesforce Transbay Transit Center, San Francisco, California

Phelps, who's 41 and lives in San Francisco, has been making art for 20 years, but it's been the last year or so that his art has been in high demand, with commissions and other projects around the Bay Area and internationally.[from SF Weekly]

Swirl Mural 2016, Artist: Nathan Richard Phelps, Division Street, San Francisco, California

During the design phase I was struck that the work space was underneath the streets and buildings of San Francisco. I felt the power of being INSIDE the city. I was reminded of the 1906 earthquake and the energy that lies dormant underground. I thought of the nutrients in the Earth which gives rise to the food that grows from it. This two ideas harmonized and became the swirling sprouting mural that emerged.[from the artist's website]

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