Ned Kahn An American Environmental Artist
Ned Kahn is an environmental artist and sculptor, known in particular for museum exhibits he has built for the Exploratorium in San Francisco. His works usually intend to capture an invisible aspect of nature and make it visible. [from wikipedia]
"Wind Fence" 2003 Bus Fountain
Bus Fountain, Artist: Ned Kahn, On The Rooftop Garden, At Salesforce Transbay Transit Center, San Francisco, California

An automatic fountain the sprays water vertically when a bus passes over that spot on the second floor,the floor directly under the Roof Garden.

"Wind Fence" 2003, Artist: Ned Kahn, Lillis Business Complex, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

The sculpture consists of seven sections of wind-animated panels, approximately 10-feet square that are suspended above people's heads by a series of 8-inch diameter stainless steel poles. The panels are composed of thousands of small anodized aluminum elements that are hinged to move freely in the wind.[from UO Library Website]

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