Roan Victor Artist San Jose, California
I'm a painter. I work in watercolor, oil and latex paint. Watercolors keep me in order and oil painting is a party. When I paint walls, encountering various scales, proportions and settings excite me. I revel in the different ways I can present a figure in such a large format. [from the artist's website]
Hart's Dog Park Mural 2016
Hart's Dog Park Mural 2016, Artist: Roan Victor, 194 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose, California

The Downtown Association, working with property owners, has created a dog park --the first of its kind in downtown San Jose-- to give the rising dog population downtown a place to play off leash. The 2,000+ new high-rise apartments built the past five years around San Pedro Square and less than a quarter-mile from the new dog park all welcome canines.[from sjdowntown website]

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