Sarah Sze American Artist born 1969 San Francisco, California
Sarah Sze's immersive works challenge the static nature of art. Her work questions the value society places on images and objects and how they both ascribe meaning to the places and times we inhabit. Widely recognized for expanding the boundaries between painting, sculpture, video and installation, Sze's work ranges from intimate paintings that collapse time and space to expansive installations that create complex constellations of materials and public works that scale walls and colonize architectures. [from her websits]
Double Horizon 2018
Double Horizon 2018, Granite, resin, pigments, and concrete pavers, Artist: Sarah Sze born 1969, Moscone Center, Roof Path to Children's Area, San Francisco, California

Area is the measure of a region's size on a surface. The area of a plane region or plane area refers to the area of a shape or planar lamina, while surface area refers to the area of an open surface or the boundary of a three-dimensional object.[from wikipedia]

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