Shamsia Hassaini An Afgan Artist
Shamsia Hassani (born 1988) is an Afghan graffiti artist, a fine arts lecturer, and associate professor of sculpture at the Kabul University. She has popularized "street art" in the streets of Kabul. She has exhibited her street and digital art in several countries including India, Iran, Germany, Italy and in diplomatic missions in Kabul. [from wikipedia]
Play Her Voice Mural 2018
Play Her Voice Mural 2018, Artist: Shamsia Hassani, An Afghan Artist, The 20x21 Mural Project, 2451 Willamette Street, Eugene, Oregon

Shamsia means sun, and Hassani, Afghanistan's first female street artist, shined her light in our fair city in late August. A towering image of a woman musician graces the side of the office building at 2451 Willamette Street, located across the parking lot from Capella Market.[from 20x21 website]

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