Steven Lopez A Eugene, Oregon Muralist
Born in Los Angeles, Lopez was heavily influenced by hip hop culture and graffiti art. He is a painter who has emerged from the graffiti subculture and academic influence. While attending the University of Oregon Lopez studied under the guidance of master sculptor, Dora Natella and design theorist, Leon Johnson. Lopez absorbed attention to form associated with Natella's sculptures, while refining his conceptual vocabulary through Johnson's critique on visual continuity. [from the artist's website]
Armored Elephant Bee And Honeycomb 2016 Butterfly Tree Maiden 2011
Bee And Honeycomb 2016, Artist: Steven Lopez, a Mural at, 232 Lincoln St., Eugene, Oregon

The 20x21 Eugene Mural Project's third project, Steven Lopez's project on the 12-foot by 50-foot wall on the west side of WildCraft Cider Works' warehouse at 254 Lincoln St. is eye-catching. Filled with yellows, purples and greens, Lopez's mural was unveiled in October 2016.[from the 20x21 website]

Butterfly Tree Maiden 2011, Artist: Steven Lopez, a Mural at, 133 E. 13th Street, Eugene, Oregon

On the side of the Midtown Direct Smoke Shop at 133 E 13th Avenue, this mural was signed S. Lopez & Caps Rawk '11 and gives the web address ""

Armored Elephant, Artist: Steven Lopez, a Mural at, W. 6th Ave & Charnelton St, Eugene, Oregon

A mural found by accident while walking out Charnelton to find other murals. It is strikingly well done despite its location on the side of a building set back so that it is invisible unless approached along Charnelton.

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