Tatiana Suarez Individual Artist Exhibits of Art
Born and raised in Miami, Tatiana Suarez's work draws you into a surreal, creamy, and ethereal world filled with doe-eyed figures ornamented by unsettling accompaniments and sexual undertones. On both canvas and walls, Suarez's work is rich with symbols from her Brazilian and El Salvadorian heritage, juxtaposing the beautiful with the exotic and creepy to create enchanted narratives. The natural mythology and folklore from her respective parent cultures influence her work, from the indigenous face paint and adornment used to the rich and tropical color palettes of the South American landscape. [from the artist's website]
Leoparda, by Tatiana Suarez, with Caratoes and Lauren YS, Individual Artist, Exhibits of Art, San Francisco, California

In her latest mural 1xRUN alum Tatiana Suarez teamed up with Caratoes and Lauren YS in San Francisco as the trio of ladies have continued to form a fast bond collaborating together this year. Suarez has been with 1xRUN from the very beginning --her first release Leoparda was just our 30th release-- and we are always happy to see new work from the Miami native. The collaborative wall is massive, measuring roughly 55 x 38 feet and is located on Van Ness & Market Street in San Francisco.[from the 1xRUN website]

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