Flowers And Flowering Plants
African Flowering Plants Dead Flowers Discarded Flowers Fake Flowers Flower Boxes Miscellaneous Flowers North American Flowers
African Flowering Plants

Flowers found in America but whose orign was from Africa.

Fake Flowers, As A Form Of Plant

Artificial and painted flowers as art and decoration.

Dead Flowers, As A Form Of Plant

Retired flowering plants can reveal the abstract.

Discarded Flowers, As A Form Of Plant

Flowers for whatever reason that have been discarded or lost.

Flower Boxes, As A Type Of Flowering Plant

A flower box is a type of container in the form of a planter or box that is usually placed outdoors and used for displaying live plants and flowers, but it may also be used for growing herbs or other edible plants.[from wikipedia]

Miscellaneous Flowers, Of Flowering Plants

Randomly found, undentified flowers and blooms.

North American Flowers, As A Form Of Plant

Many of the kinds of flowers found in gardens and the wild in North America.

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