George Jansen Novels And Other Books
George Jansen has published short stories and poems, and collaborated on half a dozen technical books concerning computer languages, operating systems, and email. His first novel, "The Jesse James Scrapbook" was published by Hilliard & Harris in 2003. His second, The Fade-away, was published by Pocol Press in 2007. Both have been republished by Fool Church Media in 2017. He currently resides in Pleasanton, California with a ridiculously fat cat. He is also an Honorary Mouseketeer.
The Fade-away The Jesse James Scrapbook
The Fade-away, by George Jansen

My novel, The Fade-away, revolves around a washed-up, ex-Big League pitcher --a Native American named Jack Dobbs-- who emerges, half-drowned, from a backwater of San Francisco Bay in April, 1900.

The Jesse James Scrapbook, by George Jansen

Everyone knows Jesse James was an outlaw. More important, he is a figure of the Civil War and Reconstruction, who, in his own time, became a symbol of the defeated and prostrate South --a hero to some, a villain to others.

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