Bip (Believe in People) An Anonymous East Coast Artist
Believe in People (BIP) is a graffiti artist who favors exaggerated realism. It is believed he is male, although he prefers to remain anonymous.
"No Ceiling" 2017 Unfinished "Kid With Gun" Mural 2019
"No Ceiling" 2017, By Bip (Believe in People), An Anonymous East Coast Artist

Located at the corner of Jessie East and Mission Streets, this huge mural had just been completed.

Unfinished "Kid With Gun" Mural 2019, Artist: BiP "Believe In People", An Anonymous East Coast Artist, View from Oak and Franklin, San Francisco, California

The mural, which is near the foot of Franklin Street and visible from Oak, depicts a gender-ambiguous child with a curious but serious expression on their face, holding a serious looking handgun and wearing a police uniform, wearing what appears to be a child's version of a body cam, in pink.[from sfist website]

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