Ernst Friedrich August Rietschel (1804 - 1861) A German Artist
Rietschel's style was very varied; he produced works imbued with much religious feeling, and to some extent he occupied the same place as a sculptor that Overbeck did in painting. Other important works by him were purely classical in style. He was specially famed for his portrait figures of eminent men, treated with much idealism and dramatic vigour; among the latter class his chief works were colossal statues of Goethe and Schiller for the a monument in Weimar, of Weber for Dresden and of Lessing for Braunschweig cast by Georg Howaldt. He also designed the Luther Monument in Worms, Germany, and created two of its many statues, but died before it was completed. [from wikipedia]
Goethe Schiller Statue 1904
Goethe Schiller Statue 1904, Artist: Ernst Friedrich August Rietschel (1804 - 1861), Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

A copy of the Goethe-Schiller Monument is installed in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, in the U.S. state of California.[from wikipedia]

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