2022 Heroes & Hearts
All of the 'heartworks' are privately owned and some are in easily discovered locations, such as the lobbies and storefronts of our generous corporate supporters, others are at the homes of private individuals. Out of respect for the privacy of our donors and supporters, we are unable to release a list of locations for the hearts. If you look closely around the City, we're sure you'll be able to spot several. Enjoy! [from sf general webpage]
"Four Hills, Four Towers, Flowing Fog, Native Flowers" Heart 2022
"Four Hills, Four Towers, Flowing Fog, Native Flowers" Heart 2022, Artist: Todd Berman, Union Square, San Francisco

Todd Berman is a San Francisco artist and educator who paints scribbly, surrealistic landscapes of San Francisco. His art reflects the colorful eccentricity bound within moments and individuals; depicting scenes of people coming together to improve their surroundings.[from tod berman websie]

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