Art Vallejo, California A City in Salono County
Vallejo is named after Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, the famed Californio general and statesman. The city was founded in 1851 on General Vallejo's Rancho Suscol to serve as the capital city of California, which it served as from 1852 until 1853, when the Californian government moved to neighboring Benicia. [from wikipedia]
"Not Your Average Abalone" Sculpture 1990
"Not Your Average Abalone" Sculpture 1990, Artist: Benbow Bullock, On Sidewalk Next To Ferry Terminal, Vallejo, California

Abalones are marine snails. Their taxonomy puts them in the family Haliotidae, which contains only one genus, Haliotis, which once contained six subgenera.[from wikipedia]

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