Gladiolus As A Flowering Plant Eugene, Oregon
Gladiolus (from Latin, the diminutive of gladius, a sword) is a genus of perennial cormous flowering plants in the iris family (Iridaceae). [from wikipedia]
Black Sea Gladiolus
Black Sea Gladiolus, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

This mysterious beauty bears 3-4" wide, funnel-shaped florets that are carried along one side of its robust stems, opening from the base. The deep maroon, velvety blooms are so dark, they appear almost black--save for a small, delicate, white stripe in midpetal. Tall enough to draw attention to the back of a border, the spectacular flower spikes are ideal for fresh-cut summer bouquets. The blooms attract pollinators but repel hungry deer and rabbits.[from brecks]

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