Primrose As A Flowering Plant Eugene, Oregon
The Primulaceae, commonly known as the primrose family (but not related to the evening primrose family), are a family of herbaceous and woody flowering plants including some favourite garden plants and wildflowers. Most are perennial though some species, such as scarlet pimpernel, are annuals. [from wikipedia]
Bumblebee Primrose Oakleaf Primrose
Bumblebee Primrose, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

The mossy primula is an attractive plant with pleasantly smelling flowers in various colors. It will enliven the garden from the beginning of spring, adding expressiveness and color to it. It must also not be forgotten that it is not difficult to grow, so even a novice gardener can handle it.[from storenvy]

Oakleaf Primrose, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

Primula vulgaris Oakleaf Magenta is a very hardy Primrose with unusual, oak leaf-shaped foliage. DIsplays an upright clump of vivid magenta flowers with a yellow eye in early Spring. This is an evergreen plant.[from little prince]

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